Friday, March 13, 2009

WordPress plug-in development

Recently I had to do some to work on projects that utilized WordPress as a back-end. While not large-scale projects these got me interested in WordPress (referred to as WP from now on for simplicity's sake). All of the projects required, amongst other things, re-branding of the traditional WP interface both front-end theme and back-end.

Doing it once was not that big of nuisance but a few times would have gone on my already stretched by my day job nerves. Was there no easier way? Sure there was! I just had to find it and there you go. Before I knew it I had given myself a new mission. Soon I was all over the WP site gobbling the developer information and tarnishing through the plug-in repository. Google itself got no mercy either... After relentlessly searching though the available plug-ins and resources for roughly about 30 minutes it was evident I would need to do some coding myself... Oh, well!

Within a couple of hours I had acquainted myself with the WP plug-in development philosophy. Not before long I had found the respective hooks I would need and hacked a few lines to test the thing out. Turns out it was fairly easy to do stuff around WP. And that's where it hit me... Why not release this wonderful peace of ingenious code upon the world in the form of a plug-in?

So I registered to become a WP developer and am right now waiting for approval. Now we play the waiting game :) You wait for my wonderful plug-in that as of now can only change the log-in logo, logo caption and logo link, and I wait upon WP stuff.

See you soon. Another day, another plug-in written, as they say!

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