Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vista. Hero status update.

Another week another Vista enhancement found. Well, to be honest I did not find this issue this week, rather I was looking for a "fix". Since I did not find such I decided to share my wonderful experience.

"Bug" in question concerns a number of buttons from the keyboard of my work Lenovo T61 with Vista SP1 installed. The actual problem rears its ugly head if you use more than one keyboard layout to type in another language (other than English), say Russian. If you switch the layout from English to Russian the multimedia buttons as well as the "special" Win key do not work. Switching back to English (some of the many) keyboard layout provides you with your precious (Lord of the Rings anyone?) keys again.

Wait it gets a tad bit more interesting. My coleague has a Lenovo T60. Guess what!? The buttons on it work no matter the keyboard layout used.

And for a the grand final. All these buttons used to work with Windows XP, no matter what keyboard layout you used.

I am sure someone at M$ will point out a hardware issue here and point a finger at Lenovo for not handling keyboard interrupts properly and not writing a proper BIOS and whatnot... Yet what I notice day in and day out is that the buttons on my laptop do not work properly and this drives me crazy...

Here's to hoping Windows 7 won't suck as much...

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