Sunday, March 15, 2009

Logo Candy

WordPress has now approved my plug-in hosting request. The plug-in is called Logo Candy (for a lack of a better name) and its primary purpose is to allow one to change the logo, the logo's description and redirect link on the WP log-in page. Now for some more details:

General idea:
Since its birth in my mind this plug-in's purpose was to provide you with the aforementioned abilities. I know there are other ways to achieve this task - option 1: edit code directly, option 2 : use other much more sophisticated plug-ins where this is hidden amongst other options. The first does not work in my book as the next WP update may touch that specific file and either revert your changes or refuse to work due to difference in the files that are to be updated. The second is a viable solution but I wanted to start from somewhere with plug-in development and this is plug-in is the result. While creating the plug-in I read quite a lot, saw examples how other people do it in their plug-ins and crafted my own, following the most recent developments in WP.

Going further, since its general availability a few weeks back I have had some ideas on how to expand the functionality. I will not spill the beans here so as not to disappoint someone. I want to see if any feedback comes from the plug-in as it is right now. If there is such I'll evaluate it and may take another direction in my coding efforts.

Technical details:

Judging by the testing I performed on a number of blogs where I installed the plug-in, before it was hosted by WP, it works as expected without any issues. If you find any please post a comment and I'll see to fix any bugs.

I've made an attempt to document the source well so should be relatively easy to either make changes to the code or use it as a simple tutorial. While short, only about 100 lines of code, the plug-in itself utilizes the latest in WP development technology - no depreciation warnings, no old code...

Closing matters:

If you like the plug-in; if it did wonders for you; if it was just what you were looking for; if you liked how well documented it is; or you liked it for any other reason please support my work. A small donation is always welcome.

On the other hand if you like my work you can also hire me for doing changes to the plug-in or support it in some way.

By all means, have fun using the plug-in.

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